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Few things are more enjoyable in life than a great meal, but if you suffer from heart burn and acid reflux, you may not look forward to meal time at all. The information here will provide you with advice on how to avoid getting acid reflux. Use the tips and you can start enjoying your food once again.

Use an additional pillow to keep your head raised while you sleep. Anything that angles the bed up will work, including some books or wooden blocks. You can also get a bed that is raised electronically.

TIP! You have to quit smoking! Smoking worsens acid reflux and may actually cause it. It can slow down your digestion and also your saliva production as well.

Acid reflux can get worse when eating habits are poor. Many people eat way too fast and have far too much food very quickly. This isn’t the best approach for someone suffering reflux sufferers. It helps to eat slowly. Chew each bite fully and put your fork down in between bites.

Smoking can cause acid reflux symptoms. This also have a negative effect on the esophagus. This is why you should quit right away.

Stop eating spicy foods if you want to prevent acid reflux. These food items work to heighten the acids that build up inside the digestive system, causing your condition to be worsened. If you eliminate these foods from your diet, you should be able to reduce your symptoms.

Acid Reflux

Keep track of the foods you suffer from acid reflux. You can still eat small quantities of the foods that trigger acid reflux but you know what they are.

The herbal supplement slippery elm is effective in fighting effects of acid reflux on your stomach lining. This gives your stomach an internal layer of protection from acid. A tablespoon or two mixed with a cup of water before bed will often provide some relief.

Nicotine makes acid reflux to worsen.

It is important to stay upright position for at least two hours after you eat as well. Lying down directly after a meal can allow acid back up into your esophagus. Your esophagus can feel much better by standing up on your feet.

Do not lay down right after eating if acid reflux is a problem for you. When you recline, your digestion slows down. You’ll keep your reflux at bay and feel a lot better if you try to stay upright more often.

TIP! Participate in gentle, upright exercise such as cycling or walking. There are a number of reasons why this will assist you in dealing with acid reflux.

Chew cinnamon gum after your meals. The act of chewing causes more saliva production. The benefit of saliva is that the stomach’s acid can be neutralized by your saliva. Also, chewing gum causes people to swallow, and this will clear out any acid that is in the esophagus. You can also use gum that come in fruit flavors as well. Mint gums can relax the problem.

Acid Reflux

Drop those pounds! Extra weight, especially around your abdomen, can cause you to have more frequent acid reflux. The additional fat around the stomach increases pressure put on the stomach, increasing the chances of acid reflux. Sometimes, losing even a few pounds will make a big difference.

TIP! Try to wait until between mealtimes to have drinks. If you drink too much at meals, your stomach will become too full.

Losing weight can decrease your acid reflux. Obesity is one major cause of this condition. Losing even one-tenth of your current body weight can reduce acid reflux symptoms greatly. Weight loss ought to be achieved through small meals, not crash diets.

The baby’s weight of your baby when you are pregnant can cause acid reflux. Speak with your doctor to see if there are options to combat your pregnancy.

Are you pregnant? If so, then your baby’s weight may be putting additional pressure on your stomach, causing acid reflux. Ask your doctor for ways to treat this. This is especially important for those near the end of pregnancy.

TIP! You should consume less beverages during your meals. Drinking while you are eating increases your stomach volume.

Try eating your last meal no more than three hours prior to going to sleep. For instance, if your bedtime is 10 PM, you should eat the last meal by no later than 7 PM. The reason is that acid reflux occurs when you lie down with a full stomach tends to increase pressure on the LES muscle. This is what causes an acid reflux to worsen.

Do not lie down right after consuming food. Gravity is your biggest ally when you remain upright.

Allow at least 3 hours from your last meal before bedtime. This is crucial since the stomach doesn’t process food that great when you’re sleeping as opposed to when you’re awake. You will probably wake up with acid reflux if you go to sleep within three hours after your dinner.

TIP! You can reduce acid reflux by not drinking during your meals. Drinking while eating increases the volume of your stomach contents.

A great way to prevent acid reflux pain is to eat slowly, eating slowly and pausing between bites to give your stomach time to digest. Give yourself the opportunity to really enjoy your meal.

Acid Reflux

Drinking a smoothie each day can really help keep acid reflux at bay. Blend together a mixture of apple, pear, banana, celery, romaine lettuce and spinach with some water and lemon juice. Constipation contributes to relaxing of the esophageal sphincter, and drinking this smoothie daily helps to treat the constipation. It’s also a very alkaline drink which soothes stomach acid.

TIP! Be aware of the beverages that are selected throughout the day to control your reflux symptoms. Alcoholic drinks, carbonated drinks and any caffeinated drink can worsen acid reflux symptoms.

See a doctor right away if you have blood in your feces or vomit. This can indicate a problem that is much worse than acid reflux and something you will definitely want checked out right away by a doctor. If you have something else instead of acid reflux, you may be able to treat your problem quickly and efficiently.

Be sure to get at least 15 minutes of light to moderate exercise everyday. Exercise could assist in keeping your body working properly.If exercising causes stomach upset, you need to avoid working out after eating.

Consider which foods make you very uncomfortable. There are plenty of foods that could trigger acid reflux but you need to find out which foods are responsible for your problem since everyone reacts differently to foods. What may cause you pain could be fine for other people, so watch what you’re eating and your reactions to it.

Carbonated or caffeinated beverages can cause acid reflux agony. They can also bother your stomach lining causing irritation. Green teas and herbal teas are great.

Do you tend to drink a lot while you eat? If you want to cut down on your acid reflux symptoms, it can help eliminate reflux.

Once you are finished eating, resist the urge to lay down or sit too still. You can speed up the digestion process by being active, for instance by going for a walk. Try to move around and keep yourself upright so you can digest food well.

Acid Reflux

Keep your drinking of alcohol you consume if you’re dealing with acid reflux. Alcohol can end up causing your esophageal lining. You can surely have a drink once in a while, however try to avoid it in excess if you want to avoid acid reflux.

Smoking hurts your stomach as well as your lungs. It slows digestion and increases acid production. It also can limit the amount of saliva your produce. All these factors increase the probability of acid reflux. Your digestive system is damaged by smoking.

TIP! In your younger days, it likely didn’t matter much what you ate. As you age, the body has more difficulty with digestion, particularly of foods high in acid.

It is very hard to savor your food when you feel certain it will come back to haunt you! The following article will give you some great tips for relieving your acid reflux. You want to be able to enjoy a good meal.